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Ten Men Brewery

Ukraine is currently in an absolute state of emergency. Russia invaded in an armed attack, throwing the country into chaos. The conflict began in 2014, but war has been raging since February 2022. Countless Ukrainians suddenly had to leave their homes and flee, entire cities were destroyed and bitter fighting is still going on on various fronts. Most Ukrainians can only dream of regular and normal everyday life, and this also applies to the team at Ten Men Brewery, whose brewery is currently occupied. Before the war, the brewery was based in the city of Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region. Due to the occasion, the brewers have moved to another city and are currently brewing their beer on the system of a friendly brewery.

Beery art

The company was founded in 2018 by a group of beer enthusiasts who want to share their passion with their fellow human beings. The philosophy of the brewery revolves around art: art is their daily drive and can be found in every little detail of their products. There is art in beer, in its raw materials and the recipe used to brew it. The labels are art, the same applies to the manufacturing process and each individual work step. But what makes Ten Men Brewery's brews so artistic?

Beer that can contain absolutely anything

At first glance you can see the art in the optics of the cans. Each beer has a specially developed design that reflects the contents of the can. The cross from the brewery's logo frames the illustrations in the center of the label and harmoniously completes the design concept. Some cans are covered by a pattern and bear the cross in plain black. Of course, the art can also be found behind the labels: The brewery's beers are produced in a craft process and not only contain the classic four basic elements. Hops, malt, yeast and water are supplemented with completely unconventional ingredients that make each brew a unique work of art. The almost endless selection of different raw materials inspires the brewers and helps them to create imaginative and flavorful brews. Beer with tomatoes, marshmallows, raspberries , shallots or ice cream? Absolutely! No ingredient is too wild for the brewers, they tame even the most absurd raw material. The aim of their crazy experiments are unique beers that push the boundaries of what is possible and are simply fun. The team finds that after centuries of dictatorship by the German Purity Law, it's time for a new level.

Are you ready?

Logo: Ten Men Brewery

Ten Men Brewery
Obozna St. 1
62500 Kharkiv Oblast

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phone +380 (96) 917-30-32 +380 (96) 917-30-32

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