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Most non-Austrians will be familiar with turbo beer primarily as a drinking technique. A hole is made in the beer can with a pointed object, the beer shoots out of the opening and has to be drunk at turbo speed. Can piercing is particularly popular at parties and has already helped one or two youngsters to fame and honor in their clique. But that's not what this is supposed to be about.

It's about the band TURBOBIER from Austria. The guys around lead singer Marco Pogo make provocative music with loud beats and loud lyrics. You associate yourself with the pleasure of punk and have already performed at well-known festivals and events around the world. She recently went on tour to Japan and China.

The big three: politics, religion and beer

In addition to music, the guys do a lot more. Beer is her favorite topic at all of the campaigns. Not only the name of the band borrows from it, but also the founding of their own party. The band is the inventor of the beer democracy and strives for the beer democratization of Austria. Beer consumption as a political issue, the free choice of beer as a basic right. The party competes in the Austrian elections with a legally valid statute and has actually been successful. The next event is the Vienna municipal council elections, in which the beer party naturally competes.

Those who are already politically occupied can turn to the band in a completely different way: The beerist denomination is a religious cult that worships beer. The leader of the faith Marco Pogo has worked out ten commandments with his highest clergy, which describe the compliant beer consumption and the behavior of good beer lovers. The exact number of followers of the beer religion is not known, but it is rumored that every year more people fall away from the Christian faith and convert to the true faith.

The beer has become a cult

In addition to religion, politics and music, the band also deals with the really important things in life: beer. Of course, both the political hustle and bustle and the religious cult already revolve around the lovely barley juice, but the first beer of one's own put the crown on everything. With TurboBier , the band realized their dream of their own beer and not only made their fans, party members and community members happy. The band beer was created in cooperation with a well-known brewery and is sold in both cans and bottles. TurboBier is no newfangled frippery, but a down-to-earth, drinkable lager with a powerful 5.7% alcohol. A complete success, how could it be otherwise!

We are excited to see what these wild musicians will come up with next!

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