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Weißenoher Klosterbrauerei

At first, Green Monkey beer is hardly associated with tradition. The Weißenohe monastery brewery, however, brews the Green Monkey beer AND is listed in some almanacs as Franconia's oldest brewery. The Weißenohe monastery was founded in 1050 and it is assumed that brewing started around the same time.

Monastic past

The Weißenoher monastery brothers were a Benedictine abbey. In addition to prayer, physical exercise has always been part of the daily routine of a monk. In order to compensate for the contemplative, more spiritual work with God and in prayer, the monks did manual work. Often there were farms, cheese made and beer brewed. Beer played a big role, especially during Lent, as it was very nutritious. But also otherwise in the Middle Ages people drank beer rather than water. This was mainly due to the contamination of the drinking water, which caused diseases and epidemics. Thanks to the heating in the brewing process, there are no germs in the beer and you could drink from it without hesitation. The beer of the monks was so popular that it certainly led to one or the other conflict over the centuries. A little anecdote from the Weißenoher monastery brewery says, for example, that the monks once had to chastise a few Frankish soldiers with a stick. They had kicked a door in a wild thirst for beer and attacked the master brewer with sabers drawn, who, in their opinion, had supplied them with too little beer.

So good that you can lose your head!

Traditionally regional

In the trials and tribulations of time, the monastery was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In the course of secularization, the entire complex was finally sold to a private person. The monastic master brewer remained until 1827, from then on the master brewer Friedrich Kraus owned the brewery and building rights. Today the brewery is in the fifth generation of the family and feels committed to its monastic brewing tradition. The rural location of the brewery enables the brewers to buy regional fresh raw materials in the neighborhood. The excellent barley, for example, comes from the Jura heights, where poor soil offers the perfect conditions for low-protein barley. And the water also comes from the Jura heights. The springs there carry water of excellent quality. Anyone who thinks that the Weissenoher brew very traditional, bland beer is far from it. The brewery's illustrious range includes funky beers such as the GreenMONKey Polaris or the Thirsty Ale Summer Edition .

The Green Monkey beer is anything but monkey business!

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