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Africa is a huge continent that attracts more people every year. An incomparable variety of landscapes, flora, fauna, cuisine and culture attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of them fall in love right away and keep returning. At times like these, however, this is not possible, so we recommend everyone who wants to experience Africa to take at least a sip of it. Beer from Africa is characterized by its light-footed character and slim body. If you have an acute desire to travel, we cordially invite you to a small safari through our range of African beers!

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Namibia Sundowner Bierpaket
€ 32,90
€ 37,00

Namibia Breweries 1 St. package — € 32,90 / St.
Windhoek Lager
€ 2,90
€ 3,20

Namibia Breweries 0,33 l bottle — € 8,79 / ltr
Nur Online Verfügbar
Namibia Sundowner Gift Package
€ 16,90
Namibia Breweries 1 St. package — € 16,90 / St.
Windhoek Lager Glas
€ 2,90
Namibia Breweries 1 St. — € 2,90 / St.
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