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Tyrol is an alpine region that connects Austria and Italy. A handful of peaks over 3000 meters high runs through the region and characterizes the area both visually and culturally. Year after year, the majestic mountain landscape attracts numerous tourists who benefit from the wealth of opportunities on site. Mountaineering, cycling, climbing, hiking, skiing and paragliding are just a few of the countless activities that Tyrol offers its visitors. In addition to sporting attractions, there is also a wide-ranging culture of enjoyment that combines the hearty heartiness of Austria's cuisine with the Mediterranean lightness of Italy. The beer from the young Tyrolean brewery Bierol is also an integral part of this culinary map.

Craft beer from Tyrol for Tyrol

Before the finest craft beer was brewed in today's brewery, Peter Bichler produced down-to-earth classics there. The Tyrolean started making beer at the Schwoicher Stöfflhof in 2004 and produced a small selection of traditional brews. After ten years of brewing, the landowner needed a change of scenery and exchanged the farm for a hut: instead of eking out his time at the foot of the Scheffauer, he preferred to sniff the mountain air on the Walleralm. The Stofflhütte belonging to the farm became his new area of activity. However, this did not mean the end for the brewery. Peter's son Christoph had tasted blood by then and had fallen in love with a very special specialty. On a trip to the United States, the Tyrolean discovered craft beer - a genre that did not exist in his home country at the time. Because Christoph couldn't get the good beer out of his head and there were neither Tyrolean craft breweries nor craft beer in the drinks trade, he had to brew it himself for better or for worse. Together with his school friends Marko and Max, he brewed the first brew and triggered a real avalanche.

From Vienna to the world

With the very first Tyrolean IPA, the motivated team went to the Vienna Craft Beer Festival in 2014 and took the young scene by storm. The bottles with the labels stuck on by hand were ripped out of their hands like hot cakes and Bierol was born. Today, the pioneers of Tyrolean craft beer are an integral part of the international beer landscape and have long since delighted not just the Viennese and their compatriots with their creations. Bomboclaat was named Beer of the Year 2019 by Gault & Millau and the brewery's other beers have continued to win medals and awards. The Bierol range consists of a colorful variety of genuinely unique beers - Christoph, Max and Mirko combine their Tyrolean roots with the possibilities, techniques and raw materials of the world and make modern, sophisticated beer.

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Gipfe 2022
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Bierol 0,50 l bottle — € 35,80 / ltr
Bombo Claat
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Bierol 0,33 l bottle — € 18,79 / ltr
El Patrón
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The Padawan
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Bierol 0,33 l Can — € 14,85 / ltr
Mountain Pale Ale
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Bierol 0,33 l Can — € 14,85 / ltr
Viva Euphoria
€ 6,20
Bierol 0,44 l Can — € 14,09 / ltr
MK Ultra Mandarine
€ 7,20
Bierol 0,44 l Can — € 16,36 / ltr

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