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Black Project

Black Project is a name that suggests a mysterious operation: It sounds like agents are involved, who solve exciting cases and spy on mysterious enemies in smart black suits. Fast cars, luxurious boats and supersonic airplanes could also play a role. In fact, in the American government, all espionage activities and the like are classified as Black Projects, but this Black Project here is an undertaking of a completely different kind.

Only yeast in the head

The name Black Project was chosen because the craft brewery was originally a secret side project in a regular brewery. A small team of curious brewers got together to test the limits of what is possible when it comes to yeast. Officially, there was no capacity for such experiments in the large brewery, so people met in cloak-and-dagger operations. Yeasts were and are the focus of attention: Instead of resorting to cultures and strains grown in the laboratory, the brewers wanted to explore other possibilities. In the past, beers were traditionally fermented with wild yeast. These stuck to the remaining beer ingredients and get into the beer rather accidentally and in uncontrolled amounts. In any case, this made the brewing process more unpredictable and the beer more diverse. Today the possibilities are plentiful and the team is exploring and researching a whole range of different techniques and yeast sources under the guise of their Black Project. In addition to spontaneous fermentation in open refrigerated vessels, the brewers use wild yeast cultures from their region, for example, or mix beers of different ages together.

For more diversity when it comes to yeast

The Denver brewery released its first beer in 2013 and has garnered a fair amount of international attention ever since. Especially in the craft beer scene, many people are interested in unconventional beers, new styles and unusual ingredients. Their bravery has been and continues to be rewarded with prestigious awards every year, but the brewers care most about their fans and friends. In the taproom attached to the brewery, you can get to know the world of wild yeasts and, in addition to the delicacies from the Black Project, you can also taste fine wines from other American brewers. The team sees itself as a pioneer in yeast and wants to spread the word about alternative yeasts and fermentation processes in the craft beer market. When you visit the brewery, expert bartenders are always available to help you choose the right beer with their expertise, background knowledge and good recommendations.

Here you will find a hand-picked selection of our favorites from Black Project.

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Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
1290 South Broadway
CO 80210 Denver

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  
phone +1 720-900-5551 +1 720-900-5551

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