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Browar Nook

After we already have a brewery in our range that offers beers without a beard , we now have one that specializes in the production of beers with a beard. Luckily, at the Nook house, that phrase is more symbolic — so far we haven't been able to find a single hair in their brews. Its maker, on the other hand, is much more bearded than the beer. The chef and chief brewer of the Browar Nook has a handsome facial hair that reaches about his navel and inspires him to all sorts of practical jokes on a daily basis.

When dreams become reality

That's the thing about big dreams: They start out small, quiet and unobtrusive, but then often develop into a dominant force that can no longer be ignored. Some dreams are like a beard. They start off so sparsely that you almost want to give them up again, but then they pick up speed and show their full potential. However, dreams can also develop like a stubborn catchy tune. You catch a few notes of it and maybe forget them shortly afterwards. But sometimes you can't get rid of the tune for the rest of the day, week or month. That's pretty much how it was when Browar Nook's founders first came up with ideas for his own beer. The trained brewer already had a few years in the beer industry under his belt when the voice in his head got louder and louder and asked him to finally brew his own beer. When at some point he began to dream of hops and malt, he could no longer dismiss the plans as nonsense and went into action. The Browar Nook was born and the first creations hit the market in September 2018. From then on, the beers with beards were unstoppable.

Beer for your favorite corner

The small team put together the range with passion and heart and soul. Because they like the picture with the beard so much, the brewery works every day to ensure that their very own story will one day have a long beard. New beers are constantly being added, which are intended for the open, fun-loving and enjoyable people out there. The Browar Nook brews are true gourmet beers and have their very own character. By the way, the name of the brewery is Esperanto and means something like cozy corner or retreat. The Browar Nook brews beer that allows you to sit down and enjoy life after a stressful day.

Logo: Browar Nook

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