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Flensburger Brauerei

The trademark of the Flensburg brewery is the clip closure. For the brewery, the expectant moment from putting your thumbs on to the sonorous "plop" is simply part of enjoying beer and even the friends of the North German brewery no longer want to do without it. The bottles with the special closure contain beers that wonderfully represent the North German attitude to life and also conjure up a little bit of coastal flair in the glass of non-Northerns.

North German from head to toe

The fact that the brewery from Flensburg is North German through and through is proven to its customers at all levels. The brewery obtains a good part of its raw materials from the region. The malt, for example, is made from Schleswig-Holstein coastal barley and the brewing water is also regional. It comes from the Flensburg glacier spring and is characterized by its pure purity. The yeast for the beer even comes from the brewery itself: the brewers cultivate an original North German yeast for their fine beer in their own yeast cultivation. Even the advertising is consistently North German and advertises the fine creations with the dry humor of the North Germans. In order to do justice to their homeland, the brewery is also happy to give back. The Flensburg brewery supports projects in the social, cultural and sporting fields with great commitment: The brewery sponsors football clubs, sailors and skaters and has also launched the StrandGut campaign. Together with 22 organizations in Schleswig-Holstein, the Flensburg brewery organizes a big beach cleaning every year. Environmental protection is a big part of the responsibility the brewery feels towards its homeland and the local nature.

Steadfast despite double ordeal

The history of the brewery dates back to 1888. At the time of the founding there was already a brewery in the city, the Flensburger Export-Brauerei marked the second brewery. After both breweries had to absorb some losses in the trials and tribulations of the First World War, they dared to merge. With combined forces, the daily brewing could continue and some necessary modernizations were carried out. The Second World War had far less impact on brewing in Flensburg and even supported the brewery in continuing operations. After the work was done, the Allies also felt a great thirst for beer, which the brewery was supposed to quench. The team showed absolute stamina in 1961 when a major fire broke out in the brewery. Despite an explosion in the production room, everyday brewing was not suspended. Since then, the people of Flensburg have been supplied with fresh beer from the Flensburg brewery. Even a second fire cannot stop the team from brewing.

If you want to taste the delicious beers of the insatiable brewers from Flensburg, you've come to the right place!

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Flensburger Brauerei Emil Petersen GmbH & Co. KG
Munketoft 12
24937 Flensburg

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