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Gekko Brewing

A certain degree of internationality is quite normal in the craft beer business: brewers travel all over the world in search of inspiration, exciting raw materials and new techniques and find collaboration partners all over the world. They often even change breweries for a few years and gain valuable work experience with master brewers of other nationalities. And at the annual trade fairs and competitions, brewers from all over meet each other, drink beer together and exchange ideas. The Gekko brewery from France is also often present at such events, but the team doesn't necessarily have to leave their own four walls to get a taste of international air. The reason is the colorfully mixed origins of the brewery family.

A pet with influence

Behind Gekko Brew Co. is a group of five people from France, Poland and Scotland. Every single member of this illustrious group brings passion and their own brewing experience and enriches everyday life in the brewery in their own way. The company is based in Provence and got its start in 2018. At that time, however, brewing was not yet done on a professional brewing system. Instead, the ambitious young brewers had to be satisfied with an improvised system in the garden shed. During this time, they learned the trade from scratch and came up with their current name. The shed housed not only the group and their beery dreams, but also a whole bunch of little geckos. In 2020, the team moved bag and baggage into their first real brewery and officially launched their products under the Gekko Brew Co. label.

Craft beer for beginners, experts and everyone in between

The motivation for her work is the goal of bringing craft beer to the people. Gekko would like to make the new, creative beer accessible to laypeople and broaden horizons. Their means to an end are brews made from high-quality raw materials, which are made with passion, creativity, craftsmanship and dedication. In order to make it easier for newcomers to craft beer to get started and to serve all tastes, the team brews a range that extends from tasty pale ales and strong porters to intense hop bombs . Their range is modern, traditional, well thought out and absolutely worth trying! What makes the brew even more attractive are its lovingly designed labels: detailed illustrations with mushrooms, animals or plants adorn the jars and are aesthetic representations of the masterpieces behind them.

Here you will find a hand-picked selection of the most popular beers from Gekko!

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Gekko Brewing Company
298 S3 Chemin des Collés,
Z. A. La Lombardie, Lot 18,
83440 Tourrettes

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