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What do beer and math have in common? Mikkel Borg Bjergsø! The former math and physics teacher from Denmark has always enjoyed experimenting because of his job and more or less by chance came up with the idea of trying an experiment with hops, malt and yeast during one of his attempts. He got a taste for it. So much so that the crazy brewing products from his former microbrewery can now be found on the craft beer market worldwide.

Free spirit

Like most craft beer brewers, Mikkeller is a gypsy brewery. Mikkel and his team brew in breweries around the world, but until recently did not have their own brewery. The company's own brewing facility is currently being set up on American soil - before that, Mikkel enjoyed the lively exchange and mutual inspiration during cuckoo brewing. In order to constantly challenge and perfect his beer, Mikkel involves brewers from all over the world and employs exceptional talent and creative minds. He does not want to do without these advantages of gypsy brewing in the future either, some of his beer will continue to be brewed in various breweries. In this top-class line-up, Mikkeller has made it his mission to brew beer that is in no way inferior to wine in the accompaniment of fine dishes. Watery, poor-flavored beer is anathema to the Danes, as is tan bags, which only stand in the way of their fast-moving business. Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is not squeamish when it comes to his beer. The pragmatist is passionate about his brewery, but also knows about all the hard work that goes into the delicious end product in the bottle.

Between genius and madness

The creative streak and the penchant for the unconventional can be seen from afar at Mikkel's beer: the graphic designs on the labels literally jump at you and loudly proclaim the interesting contents of the bottles. As a career changer in the beer scene, Mikkel doesn't shy away from throwing unusual ingredients into the kettle in addition to hops and malt. Whether yoghurt cultures and blueberries, smoked bacon or coffee that has already crossed a stealthy cat - at Mikkeller everything goes into beer and, under the expert hands of Mikkel, is transformed into heavenly beer creations. Although Mikkel's hands are usually not directly involved in the brewing process, the Dane sees himself as the head behind the crazy beer. The thinker has now employed more than 200 doers to put his crazy ideas, which incidentally arise on the computer, into practice. Our favorite from Mikkel's pen is the Beer Geek Breakfast , a composition of oatmeal and coffee that is not only good for breakfast.

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