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The Wagner city of Bayreuth has a lot to offer. In addition to the Margravial Opera House, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wahnfried House with its museum, the shady courtyard garden with its babbling fountains and canals, the New Palace and the Hermitage with its magnificently landscaped grounds, you can also stroll through the picturesque old town there. After the tour of the city, the numerous cafés, restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars invite you to linger. One of the most popular Bayreuth specialties is the good beer, which goes perfectly with Franconian cuisine. A handful of breweries are still located in downtown Bayreuth, including the Schinner brewery.

A Bayreuth original

The family brewery has been an integral part of the city culture since 1860 and was originally a cooperative brewery. After sixty years of brewing, the cooperative was dissolved and Johann Weigand continued the brewing business. The Schinner family has been running the company since 1951 and runs a restaurant and the Schinner Braustuben. A few moves and times of need later, the Schinners are still at the head of the company and provide the thirsty Bayreuthers with their good beer. However, the family no longer brews itself: their brews are made by a friend's brewery according to traditional recipes and served in the Schinners' pubs. The Schinner Braustuben is particularly cozy and inviting, with its rustic ambience and homemade specialties. In order to make the meat enjoyment as sustainable as possible, the restaurant works with five local hunters. These deliver game from the local forests. The animals fed on the fruits of the forest and were free all their lives. Their meat is a delicacy that is processed with reverence and care in the Schinner house. The chefs not only use the popular cuts, but also turn offal and other cuts into fine dishes.

Down-to-earth beers made from exquisite raw materials

The Schinner brewery serves a range of Franconian beers to go with the traditional regional dishes. The brews are made by hand and owe their excellent taste to the skill of the brewers and their skilful hand in the choice of raw materials. Most of the hop varieties grow in the Hersbruck hop gardens and the malt comes from farmers in the region. These noble ingredients are brewed into wonderful beer, which is then allowed to mature in peace. Traditional beers like the Markator are allowed to mature for a particularly long time and develop their deep, complex taste and unique character in this extra time.

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Schinner Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG
Richard-Wagner-Str. 38
95444 Bayreuth

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