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Schwarze Rose Craft Beer

Standing behind the steaming kettle for once and brewing a beer that corresponds exactly to your own ideas and taste preferences - this dream, which many passionate beer drinkers certainly cherish, has come true for three guys from Mainz. With great enthusiasm for experimentation and a lot of passion, the three create works of art from hops, malt and yeast that invite you to enjoy.

Friends for life

As a rule, craft breweries emerge from the passion and enthusiasm of young home brewers who meet at some point in their careers, find each other likeable and decide to do something together. The best friendships have already come about. However, it is even nicer when the brewers are friends before they even become brewers. This is what happened with the three Simons behind the Mainz label Schwarze Rose. Before it existed, the name of the brewery was the title of the shared apartment that the three boys shared. Anyone who has lived together can also work together! Simon, Simon and Simon have always enjoyed drinking beer together and have drastically expanded their repertoire of favorite beers and beer styles with the beginnings of the craft beer movement in and around Germany. At some point the time had come: the guys had tested enough beers to finally get behind the kettle themselves. Before they could make their business official, one or the other good and not so good brew had to be brewed, but the beginning was made. Then came the big moment in spring 2019: The brews were perfect, the recipes sophisticated and the three Simons ready to try their beers on a large brewing system. They rented a room at a local brewery and were henceforth gypsy brewers.

Beer with character

But Simon, Simon and Simon don't just brew beers. They made it their mission to brew beers with character. There are beers that you drink in a few quick puffs after work or because you are simply thirsty. The beers from the Black Rose should be enjoyed with a little more attention. In Germany in particular, beer is much more than just a drink, it is part of our culture and the bearer of centuries of tradition. The Black Rose builds on this rich legacy and creates beers in small quantities in a handcrafted manner that are characterized by their sophisticated taste nuances. None of the beers are filtered, all are brewed with care and the best hand-picked ingredients by the Kuehn Kunz Rosen brewery. It is important for the Simons to accompany all steps of the brewing process and also to be involved in the other production processes. The recipe comes from her pen, of course, but the guys also have a hand in the concept and design. Everything is self-made, the people of Mainz are proud of that.

Brewtiful and Vertigo make the start - we are excited to see what else awaits us from the Schwarze Rose house!

Logo: Schwarze Rose Craft Beer

Simon Rose
Colmarstr. 18
5118 Mainz

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone +49 (0)178 8044911 +49 (0)178 8044911

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€ 4,90
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 14,85 / ltr
€ 5,50
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 16,67 / ltr
Mind playing tricks
€ 5,90
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,44 l bottle — € 13,41 / ltr
€ 4,70
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 14,24 / ltr
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€ 4,90
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 14,85 / ltr
Too popular
€ 4,90
Schwarze Rose Craft Beer 0,33 l bottle — € 14,85 / ltr
Too popular

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