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St. GeorgenBräu

If you drive across the country in Franconia, you have the feeling that the world is still in order. Small villages are lined up like pearls on a chain and invite you to linger with their rustic breweries, shady beer gardens, cellars and restored town centres. Gentle hills with rock needles, deep green forests, lush meadows dotted with fruit trees, clear streams and lakes populated by trout alternate in a picturesque play of colors and the clocks tick a little more slowly. Franconian Switzerland is one of these regions worth seeing and scores not only with its breathtaking landscape but also with an incomparable concentration of privately run breweries. One almost gets the impression that every small town has its own brewery.

Franconian hospitality from Buttenheim

One of the traditional breweries in Franconian Switzerland is the St. Georgenbräu in Buttenheim. The market in the Bamberger Land not only brought forth the inventor of jeans Levi Strauss, it is also home to several breweries and consequently fine Franconian beer. The St. Georgenbräu has several plus points. The cozy cellar on the outskirts treats its guests to freshly tapped beer and home-made Franconian delicacies. In addition to snacks, bratwurst and cheese, you can also enjoy freshly caught fish from the crystal clear streams in the St. Georgenkeller. In addition, on sunny days you can look out over the entire landscape between Bamberg and Buttenheim from the cellar and admire the cathedral city with its countless church towers from afar with a cool beer.

Down-to-earth beers of excellent quality

The undisputed highlight is of course the beer. The beer from Buttenheim impresses with its outstanding quality, which can be traced back to the handpicked, carefully selected raw materials and the skill of the master brewers. Pure spring water from the brewery's own well is the basis of all beer specialties. In the course of almost 400 years of brewing history, a wealth of experience, brewing knowledge and recipes has been gathered, from which every single beer lover benefits today. The brewery's range includes Franconian classics, powerful strong beers and seasonal delicacies such as the winter beer . This noble drop flows into the glass in shimmering golden copper red and warms body and soul with its fiery character - especially when an icy wind is whistling around the houses and the cold is in your bones.

Taste the Franconian art of brewing with the creations from the St. Georgenbräu!

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