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Weltenburger Kloster

Many Bavarian breweries were founded in the Middle Ages and can look back on centuries of brewing history. They brew with the concentrated wealth of experience of many years and have recipes that have been passed on from master brewer to master brewer for generations. However, there are a few breweries that existed before the Middle Ages: the Weltenburg monastery brewery claims to be the oldest monastery brewery in the world and is one of the oldest and most traditional breweries in Bavaria. Almost a thousand years of brewing experience - you have to try it!

Picturesque landscapes and great beer

The brewery can be found in the sacred halls of Weltenburg Abbey and although it is hard to believe, the abbey is even older than the brewery. According to legend, monks from Ireland and Scotland arrived in the region around 600 AD and founded what is now the Benedictine monastery. The Rules of Saint Benedict were established some 200 years later and are maintained to this day. It is estimated that the brewing activity in the monastery began in 1050 and has been supplying people from near and far with the good Weltenburg beer ever since. The monastery is beautifully situated in a loop of the Danube, right on the banks of the river. Not far from the abbey is the world-famous Weltenburger Enge with its mystical rocks. Year after year, the region attracts countless tourists who, after an exciting day on the Danube, can fortify themselves with freshly tapped delicacies in the Weltenburger Klosterschenke. The beer is particularly tasty at this point, which, according to popular belief, is due to the underground beer pipeline between the monastery and the inn. But even the beer that is bottled and not transported directly from the brewery to the consumer is really delicious. It's like tasting a thousand years of experience.

Beer as a source of energy

If you believe in places of power and areas that give you new energy with their wondrous nature, then there is hardly a place that is more magical and invigorating than the Weltenburger Enge and the idyllic Danube landscape around it. Both the monks and the brewers of the Weltenburg monastery brewery draw strength and inspiration from their magical surroundings and let the magic of their homeland flow into their beers. The beer specialties are solid, down-to-earth and masterfully brewed works of art that score points with their drinkable character, outstanding taste and quality. A real local favorite is the tasty Asam-Bock, dedicated to the Asam brothers. The two lived in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and significantly shaped the late Baroque architecture of southern Germany. Among their most magnificent works is the monastery church in Weltenburg — the beer they inspired is similarly magnificent and quite tasty.

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