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Yankee & Kraut are, how could it be otherwise, an American and a German. Bryan and Max are a dream team that is not only a prime example of German-American relations, but also brews excellent beer. This is international business the way we like it!

mum is the best

It's no secret that behind most successful men there are great women. And at the beginning of the success story of Yankee & Kraut there is also a woman. Bryan's mother herself is the first beer supplier in his young life. Already in his teenage years, she quenches her beer-crazy son's curiosity about beer with new types of beer and thus attracts a virtuoso brewer, whose first taproom was her own children's room. At the age of seventeen, Bryan was already brewing his own beer - and pouring it from the specially made tap in his room. The origin of a passion that should not only shape Bryan's pleasure behavior but also his professional future and that led him to Germany. There the beer-crazy Bryan met the also beer-crazy Max and the rest is legend.

With hopulence to the top

It is well known that the best ideas come to you with a cozy beer, as happened with Bryan and Max, who came up with the glorious idea of their own craft beer brewery during a joint tour of a monastery brewery. No sooner said than done: Bryan enrolls at university to become a professional brewer and challenges his brewing skills in an innovation competition at the university. With his fancy IPL, an India Pale Lager, he wants to add a specialty to the German beer market. This project succeeds: Bryan takes third place and his winning beer, Hopulenz, is the cornerstone for his own label, Yankee & Kraut. Today, Max and Bryan, as gypsy brewers, brew extremely good craft beers such as Dry Humor , their Pale Ale Eden or the divine IPA Octo No 2 . Max and Bryan combine the best brewing skills from their home countries. Innovation meets tradition, quality meets diversity and the result is a beer that both Germans and Americans like to drink. Cheers and cheers to this unusual national association!

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Yankee&Kraut GbR
Donaustraße 3
85049 Ingolstadt

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phone 0151 / 67513464 0151 / 67513464

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€ 5,70
Yankee&Kraut 0,44 l Can — € 12,95 / ltr
Dry Humor
€ 5,60
Yankee&Kraut 0,44 l Can — € 12,73 / ltr
PIA Pale Ale
€ 5,70
Yankee&Kraut 0,44 l Can — € 12,95 / ltr
Demolition Can DIPA
€ 6,50
Yankee&Kraut 0,44 l Can — € 14,77 / ltr
Buck on buck
€ 3,20
Yankee&Kraut 0,50 l bottle — € 6,40 / ltr
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