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Essen's lively city center has everything your heart desires: countless shops, restaurants, sights, cinemas and much more. The unofficial capital of the Ruhr area invites its guests to go shopping, strolling and sightseeing - since May 2019, the Bierothek® Essen has been providing optimal refreshment afterwards. On the edge of the pedestrian zone in Limbecker Platz is the first port of call for beer lovers, a real oasis of beer. The Bierothek® Essen offers its guests a wide range of more than 300 excellent beers . These include national and international craft beers, local beers and beer specialties for every occasion. In addition to the fine beers, the Bierothek® Essen also offers themed tastings and beer seminars , where trained beer sommeliers are happy to share their specialist knowledge with beer lovers. Our beer-loving staff will be happy to help you find your very own favorite beer and answer all your questions about beer. We look forward to welcoming you to the Bierothek® Essen!

Bierothek® beer seminar - beer tasting in THE craft beer shop in Essen

Are you looking for a beer tasting, beer seminar, degustation, beer tasting, beer tasting or craft beer tasting or do you want to call a beer diploma your own soon? Then the Bierothek® beer seminar in our beer shop in the Ruhr area is just right for you. The Bierothek® Essen is THE beer shop in Essen, in the Ruhr area , where you can learn a lot about beer under the guidance of a beer sommelier and also enjoy a beer tasting of 7 special beers. At the end of your Bierothek® beer seminar in THE beer shop in Essen , you will receive a free beer sommelier tasting glass, a Bierothek® beer diploma certificate, various beer tasting coasters and other beer-based seminar documents completely FREE .

Do you want to plan a bachelor party (JGA) or bachelorette party , but don't know what to do yet? Then you should definitely stop at the Bierothek® Essen for your bachelor party (JGA) or bachelorette party. We offer you an individually planned Bierothek® beer seminar according to your taste in the best beer shop in Essen . However, the Bierothek® beer seminar in the Bierothek® Essen is not intended to get you senseless, but to get to know the best beer specialties in the world, to learn a lot about beer and the brewing process and to taste 7 special beers along the way. Your bachelor party (JGA) or bachelorette party in THE craft beer store in Essen - an unforgettable experience .

If you have any questions about the Bierothek® beer seminar in our craft beer store in Essen or about our range of international craft beers, unusual beer specialties and special beers, then feel free to contact us - we're happy to help!

Six questions for store manager Markus Trettin and Martina Thiel

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer is your favorite beer?
Markus: "In summer, I prefer hoppy beer with fruity aromas. Then I like to drink a good IPA, such as the Doldensau from Blech Brut or a New England IPA. In winter, I prefer dark beers such as the Noctus 100 von Riegele with nice notes of coffee and chocolate. It becomes particularly interesting when the beer has matured in whiskey barrels. "
Martina: "That's not that easy to answer, because it always depends on the situation and the season, what I like. In summer I love the sour beer with fruit. I especially like the fil, a sour beer with me Currants from Flügge and the Gose with Raspberries from Sakiskiu. In the colder months of the year, I like to have a stronger stout to end a beautiful day. The Chocolate Bear from Veto and the Black Nice from Hanscraft are my current favorites. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is the most extraordinary beer in the Bierothek® Essen?
Markus: "I think it's really exciting what goes into beer apart from the purity law. At the moment I'm excited about the truffle ale" Room 309 "from Hertl / Freigeist / Emma and the Chipotle Porter from Sakiskiu from Lithuania."
Martina: "In our range there are many extraordinary beers in terms of their raw materials as well as the variety of flavors. What impresses me personally, however, is the Schorschbock 57! An Eisbock beer with 57% alcohol, the strongest beer in the world! It is a real rarity in strictly limited edition. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer do you recommend to craft beer newbies?
Markus: "After talking to the customer about their previous preferences, I can make suitable recommendations based on this. For example, anyone who has always enjoyed a bitter pilsner should try the Hopfentiger IPA from Veto. Lovers of dark beers, I can I recommend a nice porter or mild stout, such as the Irish Ulster Black Oatmeal Stout from Brehon as an introduction to the world of craft beers. "
Martina: "I see that as well as Markus."

Bierothek® Magazin: What was your first beer?
Markus: "Since I come from the north, it was definitely a Pils. I also know exactly when and where it was - but that would lead too far here ..."
Martina: "I actually remember that very well. It was on a school trip, a Jever Pils in Jever issued by the teacher."

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you come across the topic of "beer"?
Markus: "I grew up with Pils in the north, but even then I was always looking for other flavors when it came to beer. At that time, my first“ exotic ”beers included Kölsch, Alt and Andechser Doppelbock. Later on, I mostly have dark beers until I got to know the new variety of beer together with Martina for the first time at a beer festival in Düsseldorf. Since then, beer has become my passion and I'm always looking for new discoveries. "
Martina: "In Wuppertal I grew up with Wicküler beer, which was brewed in my immediate vicinity. Due to the geographical location of Wuppertal, there was always not only Pils in the pubs, but also Alt and Kölsch and later also increasingly wheat beer. So I've always been interested in a wide variety of beer styles and beers from the region I visited were always one of my highlights on my holidays. But the craft beers in particular cast a spell on us on our American vacations together and sparked our passion for creatively brewed beers! After we were happy to sell craft beers from an American brewery at beer festivals in North Rhine-Westphalia last year, the next step was training to become IHK-certified beer ambassadors in order to expand our expertise. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What does it mean to you to be a store manager in the Bierothek®?
Markus: "Since you spend a large part of your life at work, it should definitely be fun. In the Bierothek I can combine this perfectly. There I can share my passion and my expertise with others and contribute to that, my customers always to get excited again for exciting beers. "
Martina: "I am very happy when I can infect people with my enthusiasm for good beer and our customers feel well advised by us. It is particularly important to me to get women excited about beer and to show them that it is beer in the most varied, aromatic flavors beyond the "Pils taste". "

Die Bierothek® Essen
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