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Australien & Neuseeland

What do Australia and New Zealand have in common? Both countries are miles away from the mainland and are home to the finest beers. The islands' brewing history begins with colonization by the Europeans. Since then, beer has seen a rapid boom and is even considered the most popular alcoholic drink in New Zealand. The most popular beer style in both countries is the lager. In addition to this classic, a whole range of creative, more unusual beers have been brewed since the emergence of the craft beer movement. If Australia and New Zealand haven't been on your beer menu before, that's about time. Discover our specialties from the Pacific Ocean here!

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Original Pale Ale
€ 4,40
Coopers Brewery Ltd. 0,38 l bottle — € 11,73 / ltr
Coopers Sparkling Ale
€ 4,40
Coopers Brewery Ltd. 0,38 l bottle — € 11,73 / ltr
Best Extra Stout
€ 4,50
Coopers Brewery Ltd. 0,38 l bottle — € 12,00 / ltr
Victoria Bitter
€ 3,20
Victoria Bitter 0,38 l bottle — € 8,53 / ltr
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