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Brauerei Ott

Franconian Switzerland is not only dotted with rock needles, clear little rivers and dense forests, it also offers its visitors a whole range of small traditional breweries. The density of breweries in Franconia is higher than anywhere else and you can choose from countless craft breweries, some of which have been brewing the finest beer for several centuries. A Franconian institution is the Ott brewery, which produces wonderful beer in the Leinleitertal.

Brewed for you by the Ott family

Beer has been brewed in the brewery for more than 300 years, and the Ott family has been the driving force for the past 200 years. The Otts have been running the brewery with passion and craftsmanship since 1822 and have passed on the old brewing traditions from generation to generation. In the brewery's own inn you can enjoy hearty delicacies to go with the beer and the beer garden invites you to linger in summer. The beer for roasts, snacks and the like is created under the hard-working hands of the brewers. The raw materials for the fine wines are selected with the utmost care. The brewers attach great importance to details, which is why the brewing water is already something very special: the crystal-clear liquid is mountain spring water and is characterized by its perfect degree of hardness and pure purity. A wonderful basis for good beer! The sun-ripened grain and the aromatic hops are handpicked and give the beer its strong character and diverse taste nuances. With a lot of rest and time, the beer matures to its full glory in the brewery's fermentation cellar before it can be served and bottled.

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A popular beer specialty from Ott is the Obaladara . The wonderful full beer was named after the hometown of the brewery: In the dialect of the region, the tongue twister "Oberleinleitener" quickly becomes Obaladara. The tasty beer has an alcohol content of 5.3% and impresses with a fine variety of powerful roasted malt notes. The malty fullness is supported by a harmonious caramel note. A hint of hops elegantly rounds off the malty play of aromas and makes the beer a real specialty. In addition to this Franconian creation, the brewery offers a number of other classic German brews. There is also seasonal beer twice a year: Spring is welcomed with a full-bodied bock beer and in winter the Ott brewery brews a wonderful festival beer that tastefully accompanies you through Advent.

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Brauerei Gasthof Ott
Oberleinleiter 6
91332 Heiligenstadt i.OFr.

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