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Craft beer is booming and with this movement has come the creation of countless small microbreweries around the world. Breweries with fewer than 10 employees and an exclusive production of strictly limited edition beers are springing up like mushrooms. Some make it and can establish themselves in the highly competitive beer market, others have to give up the mash paddle and let others do the brewing. Between all the small breweries there are some giants that exist and thrive independently of the fast paced developments in the beer business. One of these institutions comes from Denmark and is well known to every beer drinker: Carlsberg.

Scientific achievements from the brewery laboratory

The Danish brewery was founded more than 150 years ago and is the mother of various smaller breweries and brands. Carlsberg not only produces traditionally good beer, but also a number of inventions that not only caused a stir in the beer world: the bottom-fermenting yeast fungus Saccharomyces Carlsbergensis, for example, was cultivated in the brewery's laboratory and the pH scale, which is important in the brewing process, also goes to researchers back from Carlsberg. Carlsberg was one of the first breweries ever to set up an industrial research laboratory and was more than generous with the results discovered there. Anyone who wanted could pick up their own portion of the yeast developed in the laboratory and use it to brew their own beer. As a global player with sufficient funds for research and experiments, Carlsberg has always had the responsibility to advance the brewing process and still lives up to this today. Renowned brands such as Hamburger Astra, Brooklyn Brewery , Duckstein and Grimbergen are among Carlsberg's protégés and are promoted and supported by the large brewery.

ideas for the future

For Carlsberg, beer is so much more than just beer: the brewery researches with a great deal of dedication to exploit the full potential of beer and to add countless other qualities to its function as a luxury food. Sustainability plays a major role in all endeavors and is a priority in many areas of the process. The use of young barley, for example, not only gives the beer a great taste, but also enables the brewers to brew with regional raw materials. Barley could previously not be grown in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries because the summers are not long and warm enough for the grain to reach full maturity. However, if you use young, not fully ripened barley, it can also be grown in and around Denmark and you save long transport routes. Progress and innovation are the driving forces for the daily work in the brewery, but one thing is most important to the brewers, researchers and employees: the outstanding taste of their beer.

Logo: Carlsberg

Carlsberg Danmark A/S
Vesterfaelledvej 6
1750 Kopenhagen

location_on Dänemark mit Färöer und Grönland (DK)  

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