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Cervejaria Dádiva

Women are still rarely found in the beer industry. If you look at the teams of well-known breweries, you will only find the women behind the desk, but hardly ever in the brewhouse. Brewing is traditionally a male thing, and not just in conservative Bavaria. There are now master brewers, but they are few and far between and the business is still the domain of the lords of creation. But change has already begun: breweries like Emma - Biere ohne Bart , Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen and Holla the Bierfee are working day after day to change the status quo. Luiza Luigi Tolosa has also been involved since 2014: the Brazilian is the founder of Cervecaria Dádiva and a pioneer in her field.

Under the wings of the dragonfly

Her business is a small microbrewery that Luiza raised with her business partner Victor Pereira Marinho. Victor is the master brewer and has been by Luiza's side since the beginning. The dynamic duo brew their fantastic beer creations in the beautiful city of São Paulo and opened the doors of their own brewery on February 27th, 2014. The Portuguese word Dádiva can be translated as a gift, gift or blessing and, together with the dragonfly, the brewery's heraldic animal, symbolizes lightness and joy. Luiza and Victor want to share the joy of enjoyment and their passion for craft beer with the world. They want to spread the word about good Brazilian beer to other countries and boldly break new ground. As a woman at the head of a brewery, Luiza is a role model for many of her compatriots and an absolute pioneer.

A colorful selection

The range of the two is a combination of light-footed and intense, strong and mild, creative and classic brews. Each copy is brewed by hand using a select selection of the finest raw materials. The aim of the brewery is to reinvent traditional classics with innovative ingredients. The beers from Cevejaria Dádiva are handcrafted and often contain unconventional raw materials in addition to water, hops, malt and yeast. With a lot of fun experimenting, the team has developed brews that contain fruit or spices, for example, or are brewed with wood. Many of your beers are created in cooperation with other breweries or people from other industries, so that new, fresh ideas flow into the variety of aromas in the beers.

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Cervejaria Dádiva
Rua 3, Lote 6 e 9, Quadra D s/n galpão 90
SP, 13224-460 Portal das Hortências, Várzea Paulista

location_on Brasilien (BR)  
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