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For a long time, beer was viewed as a one-dimensional means of cheap intoxication, but that has changed massively over the past few decades. After large industrial breweries flooded the beer market with flat, unspectacular brews for a while, a rethink began: the craft became the focus of attention again. With the rise of the craft beer movement, a whole new spectrum was added and people suddenly discovered that beer can be a vibrant, diverse and complex beverage. More and more people wanted to familiarize themselves with the subject and this is exactly where the German Beer Academy comes into play.

Beer facts from yesterday, today and tomorrow

This special institution was founded in early 2013 and aims to bring in-depth beer knowledge to men and women. In exciting courses, seminars, lectures and further training, you can learn everything to do with beer and also be trained to become a professional beer sommelier or beer specialist. When conveying the information, the team attaches great importance to an entertaining and practical processing of the topics. In addition to the eventful beer history of the last millennium, the BierAkademie also takes a look at modern events and explains young beer styles, the craft beer movement and innovative brewing techniques of the present. Beer is a living cultural asset and is subject to constant change - this basic principle is taught in every course.

Valuable beer knowledge from experts

Behind the beer-crazy company is a team of real beer experts. Managing director and founding member Markus Raupach is from Bamberg and has already written more than 50 books about his homeland and the enjoyment of beer. In addition to his work as an author, Markus works as a beer sommelier, a juror in international beer competitions, as a lecturer and as a board member for various beer organizations. His colleague Nicole Schramm is an organizational talent and is primarily responsible for administration and communication. She is also a beer sommelier and judges the brews from a wide range of brewers in the course of international competitions. A network of beer sommeliers supports them in their work. The committed men and women of the German Beer Academy share their passion with everyone who is interested in beer with great enthusiasm. Anyone who would like to experience the team in action can do so, for example, with our exclusive online courses: You can learn the intricacies of the sommelier profession in various modules. Each module includes five different beers, a video course, a tasting glass from the German Beer Academy, a practical beer color chart and a beer coaster. Equipped with this tool, you can plunge headfirst into the fun and impress everyone at the next regulars' table with your new expertise!

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