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Although there is a wide selection of the finest beers in the Netherlands, the brewers in the country agree: the beer culture is largely based on the traditional brewing art of the Belgian neighbors and has some catching up to do! For a long time, Dutch beer glasses consisted almost exclusively of Belgian specialty beers and wine — not a bad state of affairs per se, but the country's young brewers think it's time for real Dutch beers. More and more craft breweries are springing up and ending the Belgian monopoly in their country with tasty, hoppy and drinkable creations. The guys from Folkingebrew from Groningen are also among the protagonists when it comes to Dutch craft beer.

From the backyard to the beer market

The beer story of Folkingebrew started in the backyard of a beer shop in Groningen's Folkingestraat. This is where the five beer geeks met and together took the first steps towards their own brewery. Inspired by the variety of American craft beers, the guys created their first beers and realized that they had a knack for brewing. Her love for big, aromatic and challenging beers motivates the team and finally led to the founding of her own label in 2017. In a nod to their humble roots, they named their brewery Folkingebrew: a chic combination of the American equivalent of brew and the street where it all began. To date, the brewers have been up to mischief in the hallowed halls of their colleagues, but their own brewery is the goal that the team is working towards every day. The Kuckucksbrauer are guests in established breweries and produce their beer on their brewing systems.

With great beer to your own brewery

The brewers help their beers to have their own brewery: every bottle of the delicious beer symbolizes a small step in the right direction and we are happy to support the tea on its way. Behind the series of minimalist labels with dreamy sunsets and pastel-colored horizons are powerful beers that not only meet the taste of the brewer, but certainly also yours: An abundance of juicy, heavily cloudy and intensely hoppy New England India Pale Ales invites you to enjoy it comfortably in good company and tastefully tempts you to have more than one can of it in the evening. One of our favorites, for example, is Endless Summer, which will wrap you around its finger with the magic power of Citra, Strata, and Sabro. This and the other NEIPAS from Folkingebrew are tasty, refreshing, hoppy and sinfully delicious.

Find your very own favorite here and sweeten your evening with Folkingebrews creations from the Netherlands!

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Olgerweg 2-7
9723 ED Groningen

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