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Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee

Brewery owners can come from all kinds of professional backgrounds. Christian Hans Müller, for example, is the creative mind behind Hanscraft & Co. and was a dentist before he swapped the drill for the mash paddle. The men behind the good Andechser beer are actually monks and the guys from Moersleutel are engineers with a penchant for tasty barley juice. At the Tegernsee brewery, none other than the Duchess of Bavaria is at the helm.

From clerical to noble hands

Maria Anna Duchess of Bavaria's brewery is in an idyllic location on the picturesque shores of Lake Tegernsee. The history of brewing began with a monastery that was founded in 746. There is no clear evidence that the monks brewed from the beginning, but it is believed that brewing began at least 250 years later, around the year 1050. Abbot Bernhard Wenzl obtained the royal brewing right in 1675 - a date that officially proves the roots of today's brewery. From that point on, the lakeside brewery thrived, supplying the entire surrounding area with a growing output of delicious beer. The brewery was threatened with an abrupt end at the beginning of the 19th century when countless monasteries closed as a result of secularization. Fortunately, it was decided to continue the brewery under state management until a buyer was finally found. Karl Joseph Freiherr von Drechsel ran the brewery for a few years before he lost interest in it and sold it to the Bavarian King Max I Joseph. He used the former monastery buildings as a summer residence and gave the brewery the name Königliches Braunes Brauhaus Tegernsee. Today the company bears the title Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee and is still owned by the Dukes of Bavaria.

Quality you can rely on

Its thousand-year history provides the brewery with an incredibly valuable wealth of experience from which the team of master brewers continues to benefit today. Basic values, such as the use of the highest quality raw materials, gentle preparation and long aging, are passed on from generation to generation and form the stable foundation of the company. The range of the traditional brewery spans a range of Bavarian classics, which are produced with attention to detail and great dedication. Tegernseer Hell , for example, is particularly popular and is characterized by a delicately balanced character and delicate taste. In addition to the first-class quality of their beers, the brewery team also cares about their community. The brewery is an integral part of social life in Tegernsee and maintains a good relationship with employees, customers and the farmers who supply the raw materials.

Herzoglich Bayerisches Brauhaus Tegernsee KG
Schloßplatz 1
83684 Tegernsee

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phone 08022 / 1802-0 08022 / 1802-0

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