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Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, Northern England. Samuel Smith's excellent beer is still brewed in the sacred halls of the Old Brewery in Tadcaster, which was built in 1758. In addition to the obligatory ale, the British have a lot more to offer and are absolutely up to date with creative beers such as the Chocolate Stout .

Typically English

The so-called Yorkshire Squares are a specialty of the old brewery. These cube-shaped containers are typical of the north of England and are used for fermentation. Yorkshire Squares were originally made of stone or slate, but today most are made of stainless steel. Samuel Smith's Yorkshire Squares are still made of stone and the special yeast is still the same as it was 200 years ago. In order to give the beer a particularly good taste, the hops are used whole as cone hops. The hops usually go into the kettle in the form of pellets or extract. In the old tradition, Samuel Smith's brewery still has its own coopers who take care of the old oak barrels in which the ale matures. Two coopers are busy repairing and maintaining the oak barrels full-time. Classic and surprising beers such as the Imperial Stout are brewed here with great attention to detail, making Samuel Smith a constant on the international beer market.

A magnificent relic of the past

Samuel Smith is particularly proud of the brewery horses. The stately white carriage horses are housed in spacious stables behind the brewery and have a more relaxed job these days. In the past, they were harnessed to the beer carriages and had to drive full beer barrels from inn to inn. Before the automobile caught on, this was the common way of transporting beer. Private individuals picked up their beer personally from the brewery, everyone else was driven by in a horse-drawn carriage. Today the horses are only harnessed to the scales for special occasions. Nevertheless, they are a symbol of the brewery and are valued and guarded like a treasure. Numerous pubs and hotels are now part of the Samuel Smith empire and the brewery is known far beyond the borders of Great Britain.

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Samuel Smith - The Old Brewery
High Street
North Yorkshire LS24 9SB UK

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phone +44 1937 832225 +44 1937 832225

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