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Coors Brewing Company

If you can't think of the name of a product, you resort to pictorial descriptions. In the case of Coors Light , a wildly popular American brew, simply naming (or pantomiming) the snowy peaks that appear in the beer's logo and labels is often enough. The almost legendary specialty is the first choice of many Americans and has now built up a community of enthusiastic fans in Europe. rn


Three founders, one storyteller

The brewery responsible for this tasty classic is called Molson Coors and can now look back on more than 230 years of history. The founding father of the company was John Molson, who left his English homeland to add a brewery to Canada. He founded the brewery on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal in 1786. About a hundred years later, two other immigrants moved overseas: Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler turned their backs on Germany and opened a brewery in Colorado, America. Both breweries existed and thrived for several centuries until, in a major effort, they were finally combined into a single company. Molson Coors was founded in 2005 and had acquired a number of other breweries by then. Today the company includes countless popular brands, including Blue Moon from Belgium, Cusqueña from Peru and Tyskie from Poland. rn

Sustainable and delicious

Beers like Coors Light are created using a sustainable process that the company strives for at all of its breweries worldwide. The concept includes global goals such as the reduction of Co2 emissions, the economical use of valuable resources such as water and energy, the use of recyclable materials and the use of regional raw materials and labor. In addition to sustainability, the brewery cares about treating its employees responsibly and fairly and being well integrated into the local community. The company supports projects, sporting events and charitable causes. In addition to environmentally friendly and people-friendly values, beer is of course the top priority. As a large company, Molson Coors has the financial freedom to invest in research and development. A team of professional men and women works tirelessly to improve recipes, identify high-quality raw materials and refine brewing technology. A whole army of skilled brewers continues their work in the breweries every day and ensures that we can present you fine brews here. rn


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