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Premium partner brands of the Bierothek®

Our premium partner brands enjoy a special place in our range. You can find the beers of our premium partners in all Bierothek® branches and we have also put together specially curated beer packages from the brands for you.

Here you could stand as a Bierothek® premium partner brand.

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Partner brands of the Bierothek®

Our partner brands are partner breweries with whom we are not only friends, but with whom we also work closely and intensively. We are big fans of these beers and want to make them available to a wider audience through our distribution channels.

Exclusive brands of the Bierothek®

Our exclusive brands are foreign partner breweries that we import and sell exclusively to Germany as a general importer. Our exclusive brands are exclusively award-winning craft breweries that are among the leaders in their country.

Bierothek®'s own brands and house beers

The origin of the Bierothek® is the production of our own brand St. ERHARD® . In addition to St. ERHARD®, we have also developed a number of other own brands and house beers from individual Bierothek® branches that we produce ourselves.

Other brands of the Bierothek®

In addition, you will find a large number of national and international trade brands from breweries that convinced us with their quality and creativity and made it into our range .

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