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Jackalope Brewing

Women are still a rarity in the beer industry, although there are now some hard-working female brewers who are fighting for more diversity in the brewing industry with outstanding creations. These include Isabella, Giesi, Ivonne and Moni from Holla the Beer Fairy , the Dutch sisters Tessel and Do behind Gebrouwen Door Vrouwen and the founder of Emma-Beers without a beard Almut Zinn. More and more women are venturing into the kettle and proving their skills with tasty brews made from hops, malt and yeast. Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball are also among the pioneers in the brewhouse.

Girlfriends brewing beer

The two met during a semester abroad in Scotland. Over a glass or two of Scottish ale, they struck up a friendship that still exists today. After their stay in the UK, their paths took them in different directions, but the two friends shared a feeling that they were destined for something greater. Bailey has always brewed beer at home and when she presented the idea of starting her own brewery to Robyn, she was immediately on board. By joining forces, they put the plan into action and launched the Jackalope Brewing Company. The first official employee was Steve. The beer enthusiast was initially the brewery's biggest fan and worked his way up from intern to president of the company. Robyn is no longer part of the company today, but played a significant role in establishing the brewery as a fixture in Nashville's beer landscape.

Fine beer from the horned hare

The mascot and namesake of the brewery is a mythical animal. What is known as a wolpertinger in Bavaria is called a jackalope in the American West. What this means is a rabbit that has antlers. Because fun and a touch of magic are a must for Robyn and Bailey, they gave their brewery this fabulous name. The beers brewed under the watchful eye of Hasenbock are a smorgasbord of year-round and seasonal craft beers with flavor, character and cheerful labels. There are often personal stories behind the brews: Bear Walker, for example, is an ale that is brewed with maple syrup from Bailey's native Vermont. Enjoyment is the top priority, followed directly by the environment: with a comprehensive concept, Jackalope brews as sustainably as possible. Reducing waste and energy consumption, using regional raw materials, using waste materials and water, recycling and composting are just some of the things the team does to protect the environment.

Logo: Jackalope Brewing

Jackalope Brewing Company.
429B Houston St
Nashville, TN

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