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There are brewery names that are really difficult to pronounce. We're thinking of the capital 's BRLO brewery , Moersleutel or the team from the Maryensztad Craft Brewery . Danish brewery Tuborg doesn't fit into that category, but its name has an interesting history.

From Jonas Thue's little cottage to Denmark's most famous brewery

It all started with a very special place. A small inn once stood where the current brewery is located. Jonas Thues was the host and founder. His bar wasn't much more than a piece of tin he'd pieced together, and yet the people of his town preferred to meet there. The mood was always good, the beer flowed freely and nobody was bothered by the wind whistling through every crack. Because Jonas Stube soon achieved something of a cult status, people nicknamed his inn Thues Borg, which roughly translates to Thues Castle or Castle. There was a touch of irony when it came to choosing the name, but the title stuck and changed over time from Thues Borg to the shorter Tuborg. The actual brewery was founded at the same place in 1873. The forefather of the brewery was Philip W. Heyman, who not only had a cool last name, but also a lot of ideas, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit. The entrepreneur was known for his sparkling energy and lived according to the motto "standing still is going backwards", which would later become the guiding principle of his brewery.

With music in my heart

The home of the brewery has always been the port. This special place is the starting point for adventures, the home anchor for sea travelers and the gateway to the world — perfect for a budding company! Tuborg conquered distant lands from the coast of Denmark and built up a trading network that today has more than 72 partners all over the world. In addition to producing the finest beers, Tuborg cares most about their fellow human beings. As early as 1931, the brewery established the Tuborg Foundation to help people achieve their dreams. The key is the music, but the organization also supports other good causes. Since it was founded, the brewery has donated 30% of its dividends to the foundation every year and has thus been able to support an incredible 15,500 projects. In addition to a major music festival, the brewery sponsors a support program that makes it easier for young musicians to get started in the business and provides them with mentors. Beer brings people together, beer moves and makes you happy - that's what the Tuborg team proves day after day.

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Carlsberg Danmark A/S
Vesterfaelledvej 6
1750 Kopenhagen

location_on Dänemark mit Färöer und Grönland (DK)  

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