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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

As with many craft beer breweries, there is also a passionate hobby brewer behind Sierra Nevada. But hardly anyone has had as much success with his company in such a short time as Ken Grossmann. The American started out as a teenager in his children's room and is now at the forefront of American craft beer breweries with Sierra Nevada.

Great, greater, Ken

Ken Grossman was a wild boy from the start. He has always been a technology enthusiast and took everything apart that his mother couldn't clear away quickly enough. When he wasn't screwing, Ken was out in the wild with his friends. Their territory were the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, whose rugged unspoiltness fascinated the boys. Los Angeles itself soon lost its charm and Ken, who happened to meet Chico in California on a road trip, made a quick move. Through the father of a friend, Ken first came into contact with home-brewed beer and the process of brewing captivated him instantly and never let go. The brewing equipment that he had accumulated so far moved with him to Chico and became the basis of his small shop for brewing supplies. Here he provided hobby brewers with everything their hearts could desire and even gave brewing courses. His own home brew continued to develop in parallel. In addition to his friends and acquaintances, strangers began to ask about his beer. In 1980 the time has finally come: Ken builds his own brewery from old milk kettles and other recycled items and brews his first official beer. He even buys his own German brewery system, but can only install it years after he bought it and shipped it to America because he didn't have the money beforehand. In 1987 the time had come and the number of inquiries grew with the new brewing system. Today Ken can hardly keep up with the demand. No wonder, after all, he brews excellent beers like his pale ale or the Torpedo Extra IPA .

Hey Chico!

When Americans hear “Hey Chico,” they immediately think of Ken's beer. Sierra Nevada in Chico, California is one of the most popular craft breweries in the United States. The Californians stand for the real, innovative beer experience from overseas. But that's why they are no longer an insider tip. In order to be able to meet the increasing demand away from the US west coast, the second Sierra Nevada brewery was opened in Mills River, North Carolina in 2014. Since then, the Californian exotics can also be found now and then in German retail. Brewed from fine American hops, it is not for nothing that the pale ale has consolidated second place among the best-selling, artisanal beers in the USA. In addition to the classics, a new type of beer is developed every year to which a small amount of fresh yeast is added before bottling. This principle is called "bottle conditioned", which optimizes the taste and shelf life of the beer through bottle fermentation.

Why do we explain this? Show-off knowledge for the next regular evening never hurts.

Logo: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
1075 East 20th Street
Chico, CA 95928, USA

location_on Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)  
phone (530) 893-3520 (530) 893-3520

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Sierra Nevada Celebration
€ 3,90
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 0,36 l bottle — € 10,99 / ltr
Torpedo Extra IPA
€ 3,10
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 0,36 l bottle — € 8,73 / ltr
Too popular
Pale Ale
€ 2,60
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 0,36 l bottle — € 7,32 / ltr
Too popular
Fantastic Haze
€ 4,50
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 0,36 l Can — € 12,68 / ltr
Too popular
Hop Bullet
€ 3,90
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 0,36 l Can — € 10,99 / ltr
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