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Totenhopfen Brauhaus

The impetus for their brewing career for Sérgio and Patricia, as with many others, was their passion for good beer. At some point the pleasure of fine beers was no longer enough for the two Luxembourgers, they wanted to put their beery ideas into practice themselves and make their hop dreams come true. Before the whole thing was ready for sale, however, the two of them brewed a large amount of beer at home.

From home to the world at supersonic speed

The craft beer movement has brought momentum to the beer business in many ways: Not only are there new, young breweries almost every day, but more and more newcomers are also finding their way to the brewhouses via one or the other detour. Programmers, dentists and winemakers have turned their backs on their professions to pursue their love of beer. Patricia and Sérgio didn't take the classic route of training to become a brewer either, they just got started. The first beer attempts and after a while really tasty brewing products were made in your own four walls. After friends, family and relatives had convinced the two of the quality and drinkability of their beers, they dared to take the step to commercial brewing in 2017 and made their project official under the name Totenhopfen Brauhaus. After a very short time they burst the borders of Luxembourg and sold their beer in the surrounding countries. Patricia and Sérgio took Europe by storm with their exquisite creations and their courage was rewarded with prestigious awards and prizes. Within three stormy years, the Totenhopfen Brauhaus established itself on the international beer market and has been named the best brewery in Luxembourg and one of the best breweries in the world several times by RateBeer.

Beer connects

To initially minimize the risk, the two rocket launchers decided against their own shower system. As cuckoo brewers, they have been roaming the world since they were founded, brewing their beers in the sacred halls of other brewers. In doing so, they not only make a lot of new friends, but also pursue the great goal of networking European brewers. For Sérgio and Patricia, craft beer is so much more than just a luxury item: craft beer is an integral part of their quality of life and, in addition to enjoyment and fun, also provides a connection between people, challenges and surprises. The beers of the Luxembourg brewery shine with uniform labels in the style of artistic woodcuts and don't just look good. Taste is the key and this is played more than generously at Totenhopfen. All beers are delicately composed creations that were created in collaboration with renowned brewers throughout Europe.

Logo: Totenhopfen Brauhaus

Totenhopfen Brauhaus
30 Rue de Clausen
1342 Luxembourg

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