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ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten

Beer is the great passion of the team behind ÜberQuell, you can see it and taste it!

The far north is known for a lot: delicious fish sandwiches, the Elbphilharmonie, seagulls and its dry sense of humor. But now Hamburg has a new attraction! The small, creative microbrewery ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten has been located on St. Pauli since 2017. With handmade beer by real people for people, pizza from the stone oven and a lot of passion, the makers have been attracting countless beer fans since then.

Matter of the heart

Even if the guys from St. Pauli have a reputation for being tough guys, there's one thing you can't write off from them: passion. And that's also what makes ÜberQuell a real highlight in Hamburg's culinary landscape. Axel Ohm and Patrick Rüther are the brilliant minds behind the project and the people who designed and built the microbrewery, including the brewpub and pizza bar. For the beer they got Tobias Hess on board. The master brewer from Bavaria has wielded the mash paddle all over the world and is now master of the kettles in Hamburg's newest pearl. The boys have found the perfect location in Hamburg's Riverkasematten for their heart project. In addition to the brewery, the brewpub and the small pizzeria, the spacious area allows a few other projects. For example, there is a garden in which herbs and all kinds of vegetables are grown as part of the urban gardening movement. There is so much passion and enthusiasm in every corner of the facility that you cannot avoid being infected by it!

Beer with a heart

With all the good ideas and projects there is one thing you shouldn't forget: the beer! And like everything Axel, Patrick and Tobias do, that is fabulous! A stone's throw from the brewpub's taps, you can watch the brewer at work. In the microbrewery on St. Pauli, the beers for the brewery's own pub and a variety of beer specialties are brewed, there was no more space for the bottling plant, so part of the range is brewed and bottled at the friends of the boys in Traunstein. You can not only taste her great passion for beer in her brewing products, you can also see it for yourself live on site. In the ÜberQuell brewery you can not only buy beer, but also seminars and tours that revolve around our favorite drink.

St. Paulis Bieroase is our new favorite place in the far north and a brewery that makes honest, handmade and excellent beers.

Logo: ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten

ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten
St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28-32
20359 Hamburg

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 040 334421260 040 334421260

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ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten... 0,33 l bottle — € 11,21 / ltr
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