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Maisel & Friends

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Cloth bags have always been practical, but over the past few years they have become more and more important. This is not least due to the fact that free disposable plastic bags have been banned from shops in Germany and you now have to pay money for the bag at the checkout. Instead of shelling out a few cents each time, you can simply bring your own good jute with you. Plus, the pouches offer plenty of surface area to let the world know your preferences. There are now endless designs and every band, every company, every shop and every club uses the bags to get their message out to the people.

Of course, this also applies to breweries!

The brewery Maisel & Friends, for example, has come up with a chic bag for their friends and fans, in which you can easily carry a few bottles of beer and at the same time announce your membership in the illustrious circle of brewers. Thanks to its plain black color and the white, timeless print of the brewery logo, the bag can be worn by men and women alike. And of course you can also transport other things: a bunch of carrots, the library books, unic, the fish from the Friday stand at the market or flowers for grandma look just as good in it.

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Maisel & Friends
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Brauerei Gebrüder Maisel KG, Hindenburgstr. 9, 95445 Bayreuth, Deutschland (DE)
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