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Buenaveza Metal Bucket - Stone Brewing USA

Stone Brewing USA

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€ 9,90 / St.

There are many ways to keep beer cold. You can keep it in the fridge or freezer, you can dig an underground fridge, you can put it in a stream, river, or in the snow, or cool it with ice packs. However, a bucket is more practical and mobile than most of the methods just mentioned. However, because the fishing bucket doesn't look so pretty and is best filled with fish, we recommend the metal bucket from the Stone brewery.

The beer experts prefer to drink the beer at the right temperature and for this reason have a bucket in their range that, in combination with a few ice cubes, is a perfect mobile refrigerator. In addition to its practical properties, the gadget also scores with its snazzy look: the vessel is designed in the Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager to match the beer. Ideally, you should cool a few cans of the Mexican-style lager in it, but the bucket is also suitable for tempering all other beers.

A tip for particularly hot days: If you mix some water and table salt with the ice cubes, the temperature in the bucket can be lowered further. The salt melts the ice cubes, creating a heat exchange due to the energy requirement and the water can reach temperatures below freezing.

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Stone Brewing USA
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