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Enter Night Plektrum Gitarre - Stone Brewing USA

Stone Brewing USA

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Musical people have an incredibly diverse selection of different instruments at their disposal. Materials, sounds, playing style, style and practicality vary from variety to variety, but there is definitely an instrument for every taste and song imaginable.

The guitar is one of the most popular. The sonorous string instrument offers a wide range of sounds and adapts perfectly to the respective style of music. Guitar players are the hit at every campfire and delight their audience with gently plucked, roughly scrubbed, skillfully riffed and melodically bowed tones. Besides the singer, guitarists in bands are the most popular candidates and are said to have extremely dexterous fingers. In order not to destroy these glorious hands when passionately playing the guitar on steel strings, many musicians use a plectrum. This small, handy gadget is pulled over the strings instead of the fingertips and ensures maximum music with minimum finger pain.

The brewers of Stone Brewing are big fans of heavy sounds and have already worked together with their musical idols the band Metallica on several occasions. Their joint Beer Enter Night rocked the beer world. A stylish keepsake with practical value, the Enter Night pick is designed in the iconic beer design and sounds just as good as the Pilsner tastes.

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Stone Brewing USA
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