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Craftmaster Glas 0,4L - Welde


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Glass is an interesting material. It can be fragile, stable, transparent or opaque, it can contain secrets and delicacies, convey pleasure and shatter into a thousand pieces. We appreciate the diverse raw material because it is ideal for storing our favorite drink and also presents it wonderfully.

We don't want to make any statement as to whether beer should be bottled or canned, but we definitely advocate enjoying beer from a nice beer glass. Regardless of whether you buy your beer in a tin or glass, it simply tastes best out of a mug, cup, jug or snifter. On the one hand, our conviction is based on the optics: If you pour the fine drop into a glass, the beer presents itself in all its splendor with a foam crown, sparkling carbon dioxide and a delightful colour. That alone is a pleasure. The enjoyment doesn't end here, however. A bouquet of scents underscores the first impression and optimally prepares you for the taste. And this also benefits from the glass: the aromas unfold and find their way to your receptors thanks to the shape that is perfectly tailored to the beer.

The Weldebräu from Plankstadt has a wonderful example in its range: the Craftmaster holds 0.4 liters of beer and turns every sip of beer into a tasting.

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Weldebräu GmbH & Co. KG, Brauereistr. 1, 68723 Plankstadt, Deutschland (DE)
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