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Willibecher 0,5L - BroBier


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The Willibecher is the most popular beer glass in Germany and even if you may not have heard the name before, you have definitely had one in your hand. The glass can be found in all bars, pubs and restaurants: the simple design and the double-conical shape make the Willibecher a real hand flatterer and present a wide variety of beers wonderfully. The glass is available with different capacities and often the emblem of a brewery can be found on the glass.

The Willibecher has an unusual name, the origin of which goes back to a legend. If you believe the vernacular, the Willibecher, also spelled Willybecher, was invented in the mid-1950s. The post-war years were characterized by renunciation and rationing, which did not stop at the consumption of beer. Before World War II swept across Europe like a tornado, beer flowed freely and was served in generous tankards and tankards. In order to spare innkeepers the shame of half-filled mugs, the resourceful Willy Steinmeier came up with a more suitable glass. Steinmeier was an employee in a large glass company and designed the Willy beaker.

How much truth there is behind this story, we cannot say. However, we know that we also like to reach for the willi cup. To the chic example from BroBier, for example. Drink your beer in style from this glass with Franconian charm!

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