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Brewhouse Becher 0,33L - Wittorfer Brauerei

Wittorfer Brauerei

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The Brewhouse mug from the Wittorfer brewery is a great addition to your beer shelf if you are looking for a glass that can be used universally. The handy size with 0.33l capacity is perfect for all kinds of craft beers, which are often sold in smaller bottles. And if your favorite beer comes in half a liter, you can drink it in two well-chilled portions with the Brewhouse mug or share it with someone.

The design of the mug is attractive, classic and simple. Its body is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, allowing for a secure grip. The glass stands stable on the table and is suitable for all kinds of beer styles, both classic and modern. The slim shape of the mug is designed in such a way that the taste of the beer comes into its own. The wide opening allows the aroma of the beer to be perceived in all its splendor and the entire range of aromas to be experienced.

The Wittorfer brewery attaches great importance to quality and relies on traditional production methods for its beer. The same applies to your glass: The Brewhouse mug is made of high-quality material and is therefore robust and durable. Thanks to the medium glass thickness, the mug can be easily cleaned and glass breakage when rinsing is a little less likely than with thinner-walled specimens. The Brewhouse mug from the Wittorfer brewery is an all-round good choice!

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