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Kona Metal Bucket - Kona Brewing Co.

Kona Brewing Co.

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Buckets are extremely practical gadgets: Depending on their size, they hold a lot of material, you can transport earth, stones, sand, water or fish in them, they are suitable for storing things and, if necessary, you can put your feet or your bathing dog The bucket is a real all-rounder and should not be missing on any fishing or boat trip.

The brewers at America's Coronado Brewing Company use the bucket for a different matter. It doesn't matter whether the boys spend Saturday at the beach, cast their rod after work, work in the garden or enjoy the sunset on the balcony - the bucket must not be missing. However, this is less due to oneself and more to the fact that you can pack a lot of ice and therefore ice-cold beer. The lightweight metal bucket is embellished with the brewery's logo and reads "One Life, Right?" on an exotic background. A section of Hawaiian flora adorns the pages and presents colorful hibiscus blossoms in addition to various palm trees. Thanks to the practical handle, the bucket can be carried comfortably, even when it is filled to the brim with beer cans or bottles.

With the brewery's own bucket, you too can transport your beer in style and enjoy it cool.

1 Stück
Kona Brewing Co.
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Kona Brewing Co., 75-5629 Kuakini Hwy, Hawaii (USA), 96740-1664 Kailua Kona, Hawaii, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)
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