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Stofftasche - MUSA


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For a long time, the good jute bag was only accepted among hippies and eco-lovers as a means of transporting goods. Long before the climate crisis, this group rejected the plastic bag that was common at the time and began bringing their own bags with them when they went shopping. As a pioneer, she met the fate of all avant-gardists: they were laughed at mercilessly. Today things are very different — single-use plastic has been banned and the times when you got a whole mountain of bags for free with your purchase are over. If you don't have bags with you, you have to buy some. A triumph for all old hippies and the environment.

With the advance of the reusable bag, the jute bag finally moved into the long-awaited center of attention. Suddenly you saw the rectangular bags with short and long handles everywhere and a certain diversity in design and material developed. Most copies are now made of cotton because it is robust and washable many times. Anyone worth their salt owns at least one bag.

If you want to call a particularly beautiful one your own, we recommend the fabric bag from Musa. The Portuguese brewery has a pouch that can hold a lot of bottles and cans while looking really smart.

Carry and drink in style!

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Cerveja Independente MUSA, Rua Do Acucar 83, 1950-006 Lissabon, Portugal (PT)
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