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Classic Malts & Food Tumbler Glas - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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When you're young and inexperienced, alcohol in any form is fun. People enjoy drinking pure vodka straight from the bottle, sipping unchilled canned beer as if it were a delicacy and mixing cocktails in dirty plastic cups that hardly deserve the name. The older and more distinguished you become, the choosier you become. People no longer dine on cheap industrial beer and hardly put their lips to a wine bottle opened with a screwdriver. Rather, one takes the time to enjoy and celebrate the consumption of alcohol.

Glasses of all kinds are therefore perfect for anyone who has left the age of binge drinking behind. Beer, wine and spirits glasses harmoniously round off the drinking pleasure and give the occasion a festive touch.

It becomes decadent when you have a suitable glass for every drink. We have an excellent selection of different glassware and can offer you, for example, the noble Classic Malt & Food Tumbler to expand your collection. This vessel was created for enjoying whiskey and similar distillates and, thanks to its bulbous shape, fits comfortably in the hand. It makes a great addition to your home bar and is the perfect size for a double whiskey on the rocks.

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