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24x Aecht Schlenkerla Kräusen

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€ 39,90
1 St. package
€ 39,90 / St.
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Krausen is a term from the brewery jargon that describes a certain stage of the beer wort. When the brew is in the main fermentation, the wort forms a dense, bubbly foam called Krauss. The carbonic acid produced by the fermentation that takes place feeds this foam. If you want to stimulate secondary fermentation in a beer that has already been brewed, you take part of the Krauss and mix it into the finished brew. This process is called frizzing and is done when you want to enrich the taste of the matured brew with the freshness and liveliness of a freshly brewed one.

The tradition-conscious Schlenkerla brewery from Bamberg naturally also has a Krauss in its range. For their version of the Franconian classic, the matured Helle Schlenkerla Lager is topped with the popular Märzen smoked beer.

The Aecht Schlenkerla Krausen presents itself in a sunny copper-gold in the glass and is crowned with a cap of firm, dense-pored foam. The smoked beer contributes a good load of smoked ham to the olfactory first impression, while the pale delivers fine malt notes and a hint of herbs. The first taste follows this example and ensnares the palate with robust grain, roasted notes, caramel and herbal hints. The rich smoke aroma is skilfully balanced by fresh hops and is much more elegant and subtle than in classic smoked beer.

Available in a set with 24 beers and as a single bottle .

1 Stück package includes:

24 × 0,5 Liter bottle — Aecht Schlenkerla Kräusen Brauerei Schlenkerla
Beer region
Beer style
Franconian beers , lager
Glass recommendation
Clay jug 0.5L
Original mug 0.33l
Food recommendation
Appetizer: beef carpaccio
Main course : grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert : heavy cakes
Alcohol content
4.5% vol
Bitter unity
30 IBU
Original wort
12 ° Plato
Schlenkerla Brewery
11,88 kg (21,00 kg with packaging )
€ 1,92
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Heller-Bräu Trum GmbH, Dominikanerstraße 6, 96049 Bamberg, Deutschland (DE)
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headset_mic 0800-243768435 (free of charge) 0800-243768435 (free of charge)
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