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Flaschenöffner Metall - Brauerei S.Riegele

Brauerei S.Riegele

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Almost as important as buying the right beer and choosing the right glass for it is having a bottle opener. There are worse things, but not having a bottle opener when you’re thirsty for beer isn’t a nice situation. Especially when the cool water is already within your grasp and just waiting to be enjoyed by you. A number of accidents have happened in times of need and the splintering of a bottleneck should be avoided at all costs, no matter how dry the throat is.

To prevent such incidents, the S. Riegele brewery has a handy little bottle opener in its range that fits in any trouser pocket and can accompany you at all times. The shapely everyday helper is embossed with the name of the brewery and is always ready to make your way to hoppy refreshment easier.

The reduced size of the tool ensures that it hardly takes up any space, whether you keep it in the crowded cutlery drawer at home, in your hiking backpack or in the breast pocket of your shirt. This ensures that you always have the gadget at hand when thirst calls. Enjoy it — at every opportunity!

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S.Riegele Brewery
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Von Roland Piesker am 17.05.2023 08:30

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