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Daubern Sour - Yankee&Kraut - Hoppebräu



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€ 5,90
0,44 l Can
€ 13,41 / l
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Dauber gathering is a Bavarian tradition, mostly practiced in those corners of the state where there is a lot of forest. In the summer months, people head out into nature equipped with baskets and bags, crawl through the undergrowth and pick their fingers blue. The blueberries, which are affectionately called Daubern in southern Germany, captivate with their heavenly taste and wonderful colour.

The breweries Hoppebräu and Yankee & Kraut have taken advantage of both properties in their collaboration. Their Daubern Sour is a fruity sour beer that is all about the fine forest fruit. To give their specialty beer, spiked with lactose and fermented with Philly Sour yeast, a strong blueberry kick, the brewers organized an unbelievable amount of 600 kilograms and stored their fine Sour on it. As the berries matured, they refined the beer with their intense colour, summery taste and elegant interplay of fruity acidity and lovely sweetness.

At the end of this process is Daubern Sour, which presents itself in a bright berry tone in the glass and smells of a handful of freshly picked blueberries. The taste follows this heavenly first impression and caresses the palate silky smooth with big blueberry notes, creamy honey, a hint of vanilla and dry acidity.

0,44 Liter Can
Beer region
Beer style
Fruit & sour beers
Food recommendation
Starter : light salad with feta
Main course : spicy wraps
Dessert : vanilla ice cream with fruits
Glass recommendation
Teku tasting glass
Alcohol content
6.1% vol
Original wort
14 ° Plato
Yankee & Herb

Water, barley malt, wheat malt, oat malt, hops, yeast, lactose, blueberries

€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Yankee&Kraut GbR, Donaustraße 3, 85049 Ingolstadt, Deutschland (DE)
Hoppebräu, Edelweißstr. 21, 83666 Waakirchen, Deutschland (DE)
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