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Glas Monaco 1 Pint 0,568L - BrewDog


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Monaco is a popular destination for the rich and beautiful of this world and home to all kinds of luxury goods. The glamorous principality on the French Riviera is known for its elegant casinos, the shopping streets with outrageously expensive shops, its beautiful beaches and the Formula 1 races, that have been taking place there for almost a hundred years. The drink of choice in Monaco has traditionally been champagne, but recent years have brought some variety to the glass. More and more breweries are specializing in the production of exquisite beer creations that can definitely hold a candle to fine sparkling wines.

BrewDog is one of these breweries and has a whole range of beers in its range for which we would leave any sparkling wine, no matter how expensive. The right vessel for enjoying these specialties is BrewDog's pint glass, aptly named Monaco. This shapely glass has a capacity of exactly one pint, which is about 0.57 litres. The Monaco Pint is made from high-quality glass and has an elegant shape that perfectly accentuates any type of beer.

Revel - at least mentally - in the glitz and glamor of Monaco and enjoy your beer in style and class from the beer glass of the same name from the BrewDog brewery!

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Great Britain
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BREWDOG PLC, Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, AB41 8BX Aberdeenshire, Vereinigtes Königreich (GB (UK))
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