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Jack Hammer Glas - BrewDog


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Jack Hammer is a beer from BrewDog that shines with the power of five hop varieties. The American-inspired India Pale Ale brings an incredible 250 bitterness units to the glass and combines its unrelenting bitterness with juicy grapefruit and a hint of caramel. You can not only buy the intensive beer specialty, but also brew it yourself. The brewery publishes a large number of its recipes on a website specially created for this purpose, so that hobby brewers and the curious can brew the beers. The data sheet gives detailed information on the amount of hops and malt, cooking times and temperatures and also recommends dishes that go well with the finished beer.

To make the experience perfect, the brewery also offers a suitable vessel. The Jack Hammer tasting glass is a real all-rounder and not only presents the beer of the same name in an excellent way. It has a perfect shape for all kinds of craft beers and is particularly handy with its ergonomic shape and wavy neck. The design feels good in the hand and invites you to gently swirl the beer. This movement releases scents and aromas and makes enjoying beer a pleasure for all the senses.

Regardless of whether you brew your beer yourself or order it here from us — the Jack Hammer glass is a practical gadget.

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