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Mosella Tasting Glas 0,23L - BrewDog


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Looks like a wine glass, but it's not - the new beer glass from BrewDog!

Attention beer lovers with a little fondness for wine: This beer glass blurs the boundaries between the two worlds and presents your favorite beer in the same way you are used to with good wine. The BrewDog brewery's Mosella glass was designed for enjoying beer in style, even if it doesn't look like it at first glance. With its voluminous body and the slender, narrow stem, it looks reminiscent of a wine glass, but don't let yourself be fooled, because this glass is guaranteed not only to serve wine. With a capacity of 0.23 liters and its unconventional shape, it is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to enjoy their beer in portions, well chilled and in style. Thanks to the bulbous shape of the goblet, the aromas of hops, malt and yeast can develop optimally and the delicate glass rim transports the taste to exactly the right place in the mouth. The long stem adds elegance to the glass and prevents you from heating the beer while holding it.

Whether at dinner with friends, at parties or just relaxing at home - this beer glass is the eye-catcher on every table and complements your beer shelf with an unusual specimen.

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BREWDOG PLC, Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, AB41 8BX Aberdeenshire, Vereinigtes Königreich (GB (UK))
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