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Aviero Glas 0,284L - BrewDog


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Beer is a drink that can be used in many ways: it refreshes and strengthens on hot days, it is the only salvation when you have an acute thirst for beer, it is the first choice when you want to ring in your well-deserved end of work or spend the weekend enjoying yourself. Beer tastes good in the beer garden, in your own garden, it accompanies hearty and sweet dishes with complementary aromas, is served in bars and pubs and connects people at regular tables or in the stadium. Our favorite drink can be relaxed and enjoyable, but it can also be challenging, complex and layered. There is a suitable beer for every imaginable situation and a suitable glass for every beer.

Not every situation calls for a beer glass, but there are moments when the glass crowns the enjoyment of beer. You can toast with it and toast to life, love and friendship, it gives the delicious beer the final visual touch and rounds off the drinking pleasure with an olfactory component.

Many breweries appreciate the qualities of a beer glass and have therefore brought out matching glasses to complement their tasty beers. Take BrewDog, for example: the brewery, known for its delicious pale ales, IPAs and lagers, has a range of glasses that showcase their beers in a befitting way.

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Great Britain
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Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Responsible food business operator (EU)
BREWDOG PLC, Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, AB41 8BX Aberdeenshire, Vereinigtes Königreich (GB (UK))
Aviero Glas 0,284L - product image
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