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Tripel - La Trappe Trappist

La Trappe Trappist

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€ 2,90
0,33 l bottle
€ 8,79 / l
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The addition of sugar is hotly debated in brewery circles. Representatives of the Bavarian Purity Law are strictly against it and frown upon creations with even a grain of sugar mixed in; others in turn praise sugar as the driving force behind fermentation, and adding the raw material is even a tradition in Belgium. Many Belgian beers still ripen in the bottle and only develop their balanced and aromatic character in this process.

The triple from La Trappe is also subjected to another fermentation after bottling and owes its complex intensity to this step. Quiet is an essential part of the work of Trappist monks, which is also taken very seriously when brewing. There is strength in calm, as the outstanding beers at Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven prove.

La Trappes Tripel is an award-winning beer that promises beer enjoyment from the very first moment. In the glass, the Belgian classic with its deep gold body and tightly pored, slightly tinted foam head is appealing. On the nose, fine malt and notes of freshly baked bread and airy biscuit with floral hops and heavy fruit notes combine to create an irresistible mixture that is reflected in the taste. The triple with the Trappist seal inspires with harmonious aromas, a full-bodied character and a wonderfully soft, velvety mouthfeel.

0,33 Liter bottle
Beer region
Belgium & Netherlands
Beer style
Belgian beer styles
Food recommendation
Starter : Caprese
Main course : tarte flambée
Dessert : onion pie
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Alcohol content
8.0% vol
Original wort
25 ° Plato
La Trappe Trappist

Water, barley malt, glucose syrup

0,33 KG (0,51 KG with packaging )
€ 0,10
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Bierbrouwerij de Koningshoeven, Eindhovenseweg 3, 5056 RP Berkel-Enschot, Niederlande (NL)
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