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Geschenkkarte Die Grosse Vielfalt des Bieres - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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Beer is a whole universe of flavors and styles: from light, palatable lager to crisply bitter Pilsner and feather-light fruit beers to dark, malty stouts and refreshing wheat beers , there are countless facets of our favorite beverage to discover. The best-known and most popular beer styles in Germany include Pilsner, Helle and other examples with a clear, golden-yellow colour, distinct bitterness and a good balance of hops and malt. Those who like it a little more unusual will certainly find what they are looking for in the craft beer section: in addition to brand new beer styles, the genre also includes newly interpreted classics and an unprecedented range of ingredients, which can sometimes be quite unusual. Fans of stronger beers can taste Belgian beer or immerse themselves in the fascinating world of bock beer . Barrel-aged specialties often have a higher percentage and also have their very own character.

Yes, there is more beer than one could taste in a lifetime. Our gift card for the great variety of beer gives you a small overview of the styles of this world. It shows the rough categories and gives an insight into the individual subgenera and branches. The card is the perfect gift for all beer geeks and those who are just discovering the grandiose world of beer.

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