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Bratwurst-Günni Leiht Uns Seinen Wagen - Sudden Death Brewing Co.

Sudden Death Brewing Co.

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€ 6,90
0,44 l Can
€ 15,68 / l
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Helping friends in need is a matter of honor. However, some favors are so big that they require a befitting thank you. When Günni helped them out one day, he not only earned eternal gratitude from the Sudden Death Brewing brewers, who found themselves in a dilemma, they also rewarded his efforts with their own beer.

Günni is a fairly well-known cocktail artist who has made a name for himself in the bar scene with his tasteful creations. At some point his paths crossed with those of the brewers from Timmendorfer Strand and they became friends over a beer or two (or cocktails). When Günni bought a snack truck from the last century, the brewers cheered this decision and looked forward to bratwurst and meatballs from Günni's grill. Before that could happen, however, the Sudden Death team found themselves in a quandary of needing a booth for a festival quickly. So that they didn't have to turn down the invitation, Günni lent them his sweetheart without further ado.

The festival was saved and Günni secured a place in the hearts of the brewers. And his own beer, aptly titled Bratwurst Günni, lends us his car. The Double Dry Hopped Wheat IPA is ideal for toasting good friends.

0,44 Liter Can
Beer region
Beer style
India Pale Ale
Food recommendation
Appetizers: Spicy hard cheese with fig mustard
Main course : Mac n Cheese
Dessert : crepes with fruits
Glass recommendation
Craft Master tasting glass
Alcohol content
6.9% vol
Original wort
17 ° Plato
Sudden Death Brewing Co.

Brewing water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops (Herkules, Saphir, Hallertau Blanc), yeast

0,44 kg (0,45 kg with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Sudden Death Brewing Co. GbR, Jan Eric Nagel & Oliver Schmökel, Strandallee 81, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland (DE)
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